Create Your Lineup

Select the players' names for their first inning positions. Fill all the positions you're using and then select any additional players for the bench positions. All bench players will be rotated onto the field in the first rotation. Leave the "10th fielder" position blank if you only use 9 fielders. {Brackets} indicate that the player has already been used for another position (but may still be selected).

Left Field:
Center Field:
(If a 10th fielder is placed in right center, the lineup will place this center fielder in left center.)

Right Field:
Third Base:
Second Base:
First Base:
(If a 10th fielder is placed at right pitcher, the lineup will place this pitcher at "left pitcher", and the pitcher lockout will only affect the left pitcher.)

10th Fielder:
Play 10th fielder at:
Right Center  Middle Infield  Right Pitcher

Bench 1:
Bench 2:
Bench 3:
Bench 4:
Bench 5:

Choose how many innings: 34 5 6
Rotate lineup every: 1 2 3 innings.
Rotate pitcher every: 1 2 3 inns.

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