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√ NEW - Rotate up to 11 players on the field and 6 on the bench in any game!
√ NEW - Option to prevent players from playing outfield two innings in a row!
√ NEW - In addition to P, C and 1B, each player can be locked out of any one other position!
√ Edit any or all innings to fit your team's needs!
√ Add and save a batting order with each fielding lineup.
√ Rotate fielders every 1, 2 or 3 innings.
√ Rotate pitchers on the same cycle or a different cycle from the other fielders.
√ Option to prevent players from catching after having pitched.

Create, save, retrieve and print lineups on any device:

√ Save your roster of up to 20 players.
√ Create a new lineup starting from any inning in a saved lineup.
√ Access your team and all features using any browser or our free app!
√ Download your lineups to Excel. (desktop/tablet/mobile)

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√ Save phone numbers and e-mail addresses for players and parents.
√ Email your entire team and automatically attach any saved lineup.
√ One click to email, call or text any player or parent.
√ Text your entire team with one click (app/mobile only).

Share access with up to five assistant coaches!

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